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Prague - Czech Republic

Prague is the capital city of the Czech Republic, former know as Czechoslovakia before the country split.

Prague has the amazing architecture. Omanesque chapels and cellars, Gothic cathedrals, Baroque palaces and gardens, worldly Art Nouveau buildings, and unique Cubist architecture make it a place with no parallel in the world. You don't have to be an expert on individual artistic styles in order to appreciate the diversity of the city's architecture. The Rotunda of St. Martin, the Cathedral of Our Lady before Týn, the Wallenstein Palace and the Municipal House will be forever etched into your memory. Frank Gehry's Dancing Building has become an icon of modern architecture in Prague.

Musically Prague can satisfy both classical music listeners and as fans of rock, pop and every other genre. While you can get your fill of classical music in the Rudolfinum, the Municipal House, or one of the churches in Prague, no fan of dance music should miss a visit to Prague's renowned music clubs. Among the obligatory stopping points are the Roxy, Akropolis, Cross Club or the multimedia space MeetFactory. A popular tourist destination is the four-storey club Karlovy Lazně, where each floor is dedicated to a different musical genre. Every summer, Prague's islands and parks come alive with the multi-genre music festival United Islands.

Prague's historic gardens and parks are truly some of Prague's greatest treasures. There are over two hundred - the oldest of them was founded in the Middle Ages, and more often than not, they offer breathtaking views of the city. The first Prague gardens were monastic gardens; private gardens, adjacent to palaces or expensive town houses, came later during the Renaissance. Each period introduced its own unique style, layout (which generally reflected contemporary philosophy) and understanding of space into garden design. Perhaps the most revolutionary changes in garden design came during the Baroque period, where the monumentality of the architecture was reflected in the external environment in the garden. Visiting the Palace Gardens below Prague Castle, the Petřín Hill gardens or Wallenstein Gardens are practically required of all visitors to Prague.

Prague's views are breathtaking 365 days a year. Although the Czech capital is nicknamed the city of a hundred spires, in fact it is decorated with nearly a thousand towers and spires. You can admire the ancient heart of the city from the observation deck of the tower of Old Town Hall, and discover the charm of the Lesser Town roofs from the tower of St. Vitus Cathedral. Unforgettable views are also possible from the Petřín lookout tower, from Letná Park or from the ramparts of Vyšehrad. An unusual sight arises for those who climb Vítkov Hill, dominated by the majestic statue of military leader Jan Žižka. You'll get an unusual view of the illuminated panorama of Prague Castle from here, especially in the early evening.

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